2014 winter storm Snowvember Buffalo NY Lake effect storm – blizzard

Winter storm live from west Seneca ny in this snowvember lake effect snow storm the roof really really was packed with snow. The Buffalo snow storm has made national news. People from all over have commented on my videos.

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This is the roof rake I used in the video

However I wish I would have had this roof rake as everyone says it is 1000 times better:

Don’t forget to get your emergency kit that will help you in blizzard, tornado or other emergency weather situations:

This is the back of my house I have another video of the front of my house with the snow removal from the roof.

Now one thing that you really need to be careful with is that the snow doesn’t come down on you and or trap you in or out of your house.

We have heard of a number of roofs collapsing so we wanted to get our roof cleaned up as much as possible.

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Check out other great videos of the Snowvember weather event as well as the lake effect snow storm:

Thanks for watching my video on the 2014 winter storm Snowvember Buffalo NY Lake effect storm.

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