6-22-2017; Heat Wave Continues As Installed High Pressure Blocks Several Pacific Lows

(Thurs.) High temperatures over the Southwest continue as installed high pressure blocks and re-steers all of the low pressure systems away from California and the Southwest. We have not seen a natural cloud in the skies over Los Angeles in seven days. Looking at the Northeast Pacific watervapor map you’d never know it was June by the number and size of the low pressure systems moving toward the West coast. In fact this loop looks like the Winter of 2016 when nearly every low pressure system was prevented from delivering rain into California and the Southwest.

Tropical storm Cindy moved into Texas; an area of thunderstorms are being targeted with microwave in Texas, and the blast patterns are visible on the Watervapor and IR maps as the microwave transmitter superheat those storms with pinpoint microwave energy. A second giant vortex of low pressure is moving slowly North over the Yucatan peninsula and into the Gulf of Mexico, right on the heels of Cindy. A blockade of high pressure has been installed between this giant vortex and tropical depression Cindy; strong clockwise circulation is evident in this blockade zone along the north side of the vortex to maintain the separation between the two weather systems. There are multiple giant thunderstorm supercell systems swirling around that vortex over Mexico and a transmitter is working to block moisture from wrapping around and into the center. This weather system is effecting the weather in the East Pacific where a disturbance is noted on the Hurricane center map which has a 20% chance of formation in 48 hours.