7-30-2017; Thunderstorms Blocked at CA Border; Negligable Precipitation

(Sun.) Installed high pressure over California is blocking monsoonal thunderstorm moisture moving in from Arizona and Mexico. The Watervapor map reveals what is happening: the moisture stops at the Colorado river on the Arizona border and also along the Nevada border with California. The Doppler map confirms this. Also notice the very straight edge of moisture near Flagstaff Arizona generated by a WSR88D ground microwave transmitter cutting up the precipitation pattern. These ground microwave transmitters are marketed as ‘advanced radar for severe weather detection’ but in fact are used to prevent precipitation in areas that desperately need rain – such as Arizona where large forest fires have been burning recently, and in Southern California where we can’t buy rain.

Former hurricance Hilary is now a tropical storm and is generating 20′ seas due South of Los Angeles. In a couple of days the South facing beaches in Southern CA will see some elevated surf as those storm swells move in. Irwin is located to the South of Hilary and is generating 50 MPH wind and is also being targeted and superheated with microwave RF to diminish the storm.

There was a forecast for ‘possible’ thunderstorms in the Southern California area in the next 48 hours from the monsoonal flow pattern; that liklihood seems slim after looking at the blockade at the AZ border. We will keep an close eye on cumulonimbus development in Southern CA and if any precipitation is allowed to develop.