7-9-2017; Blockade of High Pressure Prevents Thunderstorms From Moving Into L.A.

(Sun.) A strange area of high pressure has been following and blocking two large supercells as they move West toward Los Angeles and San Diego. In the SSEC Watervapor map we see a much longer time sequence showing the deliberate blockade effort as those storms move NW toward California. A microwave transmitter is superheating and destroying one of these supercells near Las Vegas, NV. A tremendous shockwave and blast pattern resulting from the superheating process are clearly visible in the NOAA GOES West Watervapor, IR and Visible Light maps. THERE ARE FIRES BURNING IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY IN CENTRAL CALIFORNIA; RAIN & COOLER WEATHER WOULD HELP PUT THESE FIRES OUT!! The people blocking that rain are the terrorists I refer to who are controlling our weather patterns and preventing rain!!

All day Saturday in the Los Angeles area we saw heavy chemtrail aerosol spraying for a second day which engineered a capping inversion layer, which prevents lift in the atmosphere and which prevents the precipitation process- deliberately. Southern California should’ve had rain today and yesterday as a result of the monsoonal flow pattern.

Hurricane Eugene has strengthened in a matter of three hours from a CAT1 (80 MPH Winds) storm with 997 mb core pressure to a 976 mb CAT2 storm with 100 MPH winds. Movement continues at 8 MPH to the Northwest. A channel of high pressure between Eugene and the Baja coast is setting up to prevent the hurricane’s moisture from merging with the Northbound monsoonal flow in mainland Mexico. Also note the strong clockwise rotation adjacent to Eugene on the East side of the storm.