Arizona Monsoon: Proof of Manmade Weather

So – what is it exactly the “truth Community” is doing? Every single day I prove how daily manufactured floods are created (even down to the individual facilities responsible), and the “truth Community” is not only deliberately making sure no one knows this irrefutable daily process of drowning towns, they make sure no one knows anything more than they did 20 years ago either.

Right at this very moment, the “Monsoon Machine” is starting up again. In this video, I show six of the power plants directly responsible, and the ones that – right now – are fueling the next attempt at deluge and flashflood. Anyone in Arizona, can go – right now – and see it for themselves.

WHERE is the “truth community” on this? Every week they have some pointless chemtrail march that accomplishes exactly nothing, but here they could have hordes of supporters seeing, understanding, and video documenting the process that ACTUALLY creates these community-destroying floods. Not only are they not involved at all, the leaders do everything conceivable to discredit this proof, and case their follower even ‘accidentally’ find it.

It better be clear by now, that ‘truth community’ is making sure no one knows the truth. After ten years of suppressing this work and making sure no one knows the truth – none of them have any possible excuse. Anyone who is _actually_ interested in understanding daily manmade weather, needs to stop following the people who haven’t brought the “truth movement” past “raising awareness” in 20 years, and start learning where their next rain storm is going to come from.


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