Epic Best of Blizzard 1 Hour Gaming Music Mix and Cinematic (WOW STARCRAFT 2 AND DIABLO 3)

Here you can find best pieces of Blizzards music. Cinematic part ends somewhere in middle of the video. Can’t thank the people who made these artworks enough. Hope you guys enjoy.

(Starcraft 2 – SC2) (World of Warcraft – WOW) (Diablo 3 – D3)

All copyrights belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

Composers: Jason Hayes, Derek Duke, Tracy W. Bush, Glenn Stafford, Russell Brower, The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, Michael McGlynn

Track List:
00:00 Wings Of Liberty (SC2)
1:34 I am Justice (D3)
2:25 Khadgar’s Plan (WOW)
4:22 Chains of Fate (D3)
8:13 Collateral Damage (SC2)
9:52 The Dark Portal (WOW)
11:03 Card to Play (SC2)
13:27 The Wrath of Angels (D3)
14:42 The Culling (WOW)
15:43 The Deal (SC2)
17:18 Demon Hunter (D3)
18:33 Legends of Azeroth (WOW)
21:06 And the Heavens Shall Tremble (D3)
22:42 Heart of the Swarm (SC2)
24:43 A Call to Arms (WOW)
25:43 A New Dawn (D3)
26:51 Fire and Fury (SC2)
28:42 Black Rock and Roll (WoD version) (WOW)
29:53 Crusader (D3)
30:44 Conscience (SC2)
32:57 Arthas My Son (WOW)
35:24 Stronger (SC2)
36:49 Arreat (D3)
38:53 Black Temple Illidari (WOW)
40:58 Better Tomorrow (SC2)
43:17 Heaven’s Gate (D3)
45:14 Trial of the Crusader and Champion (WOW)
47:52 The Showdown (SC2)
49:26 Kul Tiras (WOW)
51:07 Thaurissan’s Reach (WOW)
53:36 Garden of Hope (D3)
54:18 Leoric (D3)
58:38 Wings of Liberty (Dearest Helena and Ending) (SC2)