GOES-16 Band 5 Imagery of Thunderstorms over the Texas Gulf Coast

This animation of GOES-16 rapid-scan near-infrared imagery shows the movement of thunderstorms over the Texas Gulf Coast on February 14, 2017. Note the clarity of the clouds, both liquid (brighter) and ice (darker), as well as the waves and shadows that can be seen in this loop.

This animation was created with the Advanced Baseline Imager’s (ABI) band 5, which is often referred to as the “snow/ice band” because it will be used to assist with daytime cloud, snow, and ice discrimination among other tasks. Band 5 is one of the new spectral bands on GOES-16 that the previous GOES imagers do not have.

Rapid-scan imagery from GOES-16 will help forecasters monitor storms associated with severe weather as the spacecraft can capture one image of a storm every 30 seconds. This additional data, coupled with the increased resolution of the satellite’s imager, will give meteorologists a better chance of seeing smaller details that less advanced satellite imagers could not detect.


Note: This is preliminary, non-operational data as GOES-16 undergoes on-orbit testing.