Jan 20: Snow Map for Weekend Winter Storm

We’re about 54 hours away from our weekend winter storm. You can view my snow map at the end of the video or here:

The light pink area is subject to lesser snowfall amounts due to possible mixing. Expect 40-60mph wind gusts off the ocean along with moderate to high risk of coastal flooding.

The darker blue area should be far enough away from the ocean to remain mostly or all snow. This includes New York City.

The purple zone has the greatest chance for Kaboom but I have not issued a Kaboom yet. I will do so if we still look like this on Friday.

The light blue and light gray areas represent a sharp cutoff in precipitation due to high pressure and very dry air to the north. Precipitation will hit an absolute wall and where that wall sets up is a difficult call.

This is my initial map. I’ll likely release a 2nd call tomorrow evening and a final call Friday before precipitation begins. Adjustments are likely but nothing major.

In English: This winter storm should occur between late Friday night and early Sunday morning. The coast should see high winds, flooding, and mixed precipitation but still a decent amount of snow. Interior NJ has the best chance for a Kaboom. Extreme NNJ is flirting with a sharp cut-off in precipitation. This storm could be historic for DC/Baltimore accumulations and coastal flooding. As far as snowfall goes in New Jersey and the New York City metro area, we’re likely just looking at a big snow storm. Be safe! JC