NYC Blizzards & Snow Storms Highlights 2013-2014

*Not For Broadcast* – Brutal, and at times record cold weather coupled with snow storm after snow storm would be a good way to sum up Winter 2013-2014 for many parts of the USA. And NYC got in on much of that with several major snowstorms and ice storms affecting the area. This highlights video chronicles all 6 major winter storms to hit the New York area during winter 2013-2014.

-December 13th, 2013: Timelapse sequence Queens, NYC
-December 14th, 2013: Major Ice Storm Aftermath, Bloomsbury, NJ
-January 2nd/3rd, 2014: Major Snow Storm, Queens, NYC
-January 21st, 2014: Timelapse Sequence, Queens, NYC & Heavy Snow Shots, Manhattan, NYC
-February 3rd, 2014: Major Snow Storm, Queens, NYC
-February 5th, 2014: Major Ice Storm, Queens, NYC
-February 13th, 2014: Major Snow Storm, Queens, NYC

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