Rimworld Alpha 8 Let’s Play – Heat Waves and Coolers – Part 4

Rimworld Alpha 8 Let’s Play – Heat Waves and Coolers – Part 4
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Weem returns to Rimworld, Alpha 8! In this let’s play episode of Rimworld, we find our survivors battling the heat. We’ll need to get some coolers up and running in order to keep from having heat strokes during this heat wave!

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Rimworld Alpha 8 has a number of new features including new plants, animals, biomes and other new content. New heat wave and cold snap events are here as well – we’ll have to make sure our people can survive by giving them warms clothes, or a heater as well as air conditioning. Arts and crafts are here now as well including the new sculptors table for making sculptures! These and many more updates are waiting for us in Rimworld Alpha 8!

This is one episode in a Rimworld Let’s Play series that will follow our survivors from their arrival on this planet to their deaths (which Weem will find a way to get to sooner than later). This is not a review of Rimworld, but rather a sharing of Weem’s experience with Rimworld – he will show you how to survive in Rimworld, but no promises will be made that you will survive in Rimworld for very long.

This video contains Rimworld gameplay footage that some may feel contains spoilers of various events and updates. Please keep this in mind and thanks for watching!