The Man That Predicts Weather Better Than ANYONE! — Piers Corbyn

Astrophysicist and meteorologist, Piers Corbyn, has a prediction success rate of roughly 85%…better than any of the “man made” climate change activists and proponents in the field of climate science. He obtained a first-class honours degree in physics at Imperial College London….He’s not your everyday weatherman: the conspicuously displayed photocopy of a check for £2,291 hanging on the wall. Unique among meteorologists, Corbyn bets on his forecasts. Unusual among bettors of any stripe, he wins regularly. The check on the wall is a payout from London bookmaker William Hill on one of their monthly bets.
It is said book makers will not take his bets any longer for fear of losing.
On Dec. 27, 2010 – Piers Corbyn predicted Europe’s winter of discontent.
Corbyn is well known for his opposition to the idea of anthropogenic global warming. On his website he writes about his views, which include the idea the that the world is experiencing cooling.
He says proponents of “man made “climate change theory are using “junk” science and that their theory is “rubbish”.