Tornado (4K) – STARING UP the MOUTH of a FUNNEL CLOUD – Indiahoma Oklahoma 10-21-2017

Filmed in 4K. A look at a magnificent funnel cloud and weak, brief tornado near Indiahoma Oklahoma on 10-21-2017 on a tornado warned supercell. The SPC issued an Enhanced Risk for Severe weather along with a 5% chance of tornadoes in North Texas and most of Oklahoma.

A triple point intersection with a dry line and cold front set up in extreme SW Oklahoma for a “Second Season” October severe weather event.

Several supercells erupted off of the dryline on Saturday afternoon, 10-21-2017. One storm would become cyclic and tornadic and produce a large rotating wall cloud, a beautiful ghostly and wispy white funnel cloud, and a couple of tornadoes late in its lifecycle.

Storm Track and Chaser Aaron Jayjack tracked this storm across southwest Oklahoma, through Lawton and northward. A beautiful funel cloud dropped down and pointed right down at the storm tracker.