VIOLENT TORNADO WARNING – Flying Roof, House Destruction, Victims & Survivors

Incredible destructive tornado caught on 4K video with an entire flying roof, hovering trees, whirling 2×4’s, clear loud sound of a tornado and leveled houses in extreme detail. This is the story of the May 9th, 2016 Katie-Wynnewood & Sulphur Oklahoma tornadoes. For licensing contact

In less than one hour a cumulus cluster would explode into a powerful supercell producing violent tornadoes with enough power to suck the roof off a house and toss its fragments a hundred meters. One tornado claimed a man’s life and inside another mile wide monster tornado a young man would take shelter in his bathroom while the rest of his house was completely obliterated around him.

The Katie – Wynnewood Oklahoma Tornado
The first tornado passed inside a mile to my south ripping up trees and striking a house. The tornado sound was a loud gushing waterfall sound and clearly audible. The house didn’t sustain a direct hit, yet the entire roof was sucked off its walls and lifted into the tornado, then ripped apart as the bulk of the matter was tossed an estimated 100 meters. The rest of the house was demolished earning this tornado an EF4 rating. A tree hovered above the ground, roof trusses and 8 foot long 2×4’s were whirling around the tornado like feathers and a man lost his life. This was the only reported fatality with this tornado.

The Sulphur Oklahoma Tornado:
Not long after the first tornado died, a second was born. This one a mile wide beast! It would cause major damage to many homes leaving only interior walls standing. A few unanchored homes, mobile homes and outbuildings would be completely leveled or swept away. A large metal storage garage would be swept away and the vehicles INSIDE it thrown up to 280 yards. (over 250 meters)
RaXPol mobile radar recorded winds over 200 MPH over an open field, indicating that this tornado was likely capable of producing EF5 damage. A young man would take shelter in his home’s most interior room while his entire house around him was violently demolished. Only the two walls and toilet he is clinging to would remain. He will walk away without a scratch.

Tornado Preparation:
In the event of a tornado warning, get to the lowest level of a sturdy structure and put as many walls between you and the outside chaos as possible… a bathroom or a closet… whatever is in the center of the home away from windows. There are no guarantees when it comes to tornado safety, but in most cases, this advice works! If you live on the top floor of a small apartment and don’t really have a center room, strike up a friendly conversation with your neighbors on the lowest level and discuss a shelter scenario plan with them.

Three days prior to May 9, 2016 the Storm Prediction caught wind of the potential for tornadoes in Eastern Oklahoma and on the morning of May 9, hatched a 10% chance of tornadoes later upgraded with a chance of significant or powerful tornadoes EF2 and above. At 2:30PM a tornado watch was issued and at 3:09PM an isolated cluster of cumulus clouds were evident on satellite imagery with precipitation revealed on radar. Around 3:39 the NWS issued a severe thunderstorm warning and by 4:08 a tornado warning was issued while a tornado was already in progress. Right out of the gate this storm was producing.

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